ISPG history

The Association des Parents Adventistes de Gitwe ("APAG") which is the Association of Adventist Parents of Gitwe was formed in 1981 by parents of students of Gitwe in the Southeren Province of Rwanda. The parents established a high school known as Ecole Secondaire Adventistes Parents Association de Gitwe (ESAPAG).
The original idea of the Parents was to create a private secondary school that would provide a superior educational experience for their children that was free of any governmental, religious or other affiliation. The school started with fifty students and presently has thousands of students. In 1993 APAG established the Institut Superieur Pedagogique de Gitwe ("ISPG"), this was an innovative idea to find high learning of students graduating in private secondary schools who were not admitted in the limited higher learning institutions. ISPG was the first private college to exist in Rwanda which was not associated to any government or religious entity.
In 2012 ISPG counted twelve hundred students including 64% female, 36% male. These numbers preceded the Rwandan government emphasis on increasing the participation of women in education, beginning early in this century.
The Rwanda President’s Council and Minister of Education issued “Ministerial Decree #32” in 2002, accrediting all degrees awarded by the Institut Superieur Pedagogique de Gitwe in all major fields of study; Nursing Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Computer Scinces and recently the School of Medicine.
ISPG is the governing authority of Rwanda’s first private college (the Institute Superieur Pedagogique de Gitwe), the Gitwe Medical School.
Admission to ISPG is based purely on merit regardless of race, gender, religion or any other demographic consideration. Though Institut Superieur Pedagogique de Gitwe combines its teachings with christian moral values it is not affiliated to any church organization and all students are permitted to pursue their beliefs (or not) as they desire. Institut Superieur Pedagogique de Gitwe not an affiliated to any governemental institution.
ISPG and Gitwe

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